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arguably the best way to travel.  Traveling local, regional or farther afield, mototouring takes travel to a whole new level.




  • Motorcycle Tours, North America & Europe

  • Guided & Self-guided Tours

  • Custom Itineraries & Routing

  • Motorcycle Seminars & Slideshows

  • Also Empowering Women Riders with Coaching, Mentoring and Experience during "Teaching" Tours


AVID MotoTours is a newer company, but it is led by an "old" face in the industry. Our previous experience in leading tours allows us to show you the time of your life through motorcycle travel.


Check out our services. Each tour is described individually and is available in a variety of ways. You can join a pre-planned and organized tour with or without a tourguide or we can put something together for you & your group by creating a custom tour that addresses your individual preferences.